Boehner Silent on Pelosi Decision to Run for Leader

A bizarre on-cam chase scene with presumptive House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) unfolded on Capitol Hill late Friday afternoon. As news emerged of Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) decision to run for the Minority Leader position, reporters pressed Boehner for reaction. Boehner refused to comment.

I then unexpectedly encountered Boehner racing from an elevator in the basement of the Capitol. I asked, and again he refused to comment on the issue. Dejectedly - I turned and headed for a Pelosi press avail with the rest of the media. Moments later -- with a full Capitol Hill throng of reporters waiting to speak with her -- elevator doors opened and out stepped a surprised Boehner. Apparently he was heading for a meeting with Pelosi himself, and was now unexpectedly caught in the media's crosshairs, and the chase was on.

They fired multiple questions at Boehner, demanding some sort of reaction to Pelosi's decision. The Ohio congressman -- again -- refused. As determined reporters took their shots, Boehner eventually mumbles that he wouldn't say anything. As the questions persisted, he began to hum in a strange manor. You can watch the entire wild scene below.