Bill Clinton To Host 20 Fundraisers For Hillary In Next Month

The Clintons will have a busy month ahead of them as they travelacross the country to raise money for Hillary’s presidentialcampaign.

Over the next 30 or so days, Bill Clinton will be featured in at least 20 fundraisers across 14states and in Washington, D.C., Politico reports. Oneof those Bill appearances will come at a meeting of potentialdonors for a Hillary super-PAC.

An invitation sent out by Priorities USA Action describes Billas a “special guest” for an event Dec. 1 inNew York City. So far this election cycle, Priorities has raised close to $16 million,according to

The Clinton’s kicked off the cash raising tour Tuesday andwill host 10 fundraisers just this week in New York,Wisconsin, Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas and Ohio. A few of theevents are called “conversations with Hillary” and costupward of $27,000 for a single ticket.

Hillary is set to appear at three fundraisers Friday inLouisville, Nashville and Memphis before heading to South Carolinafor a Saturday fundraiser in Charleston.

So far, Clinton’s personal campaign committee has raisedmore than $76 million, according to Federal Election Commissionfilings.

The Clinton campaign is bringing together around 150 bundlersDec. 8 who each collected more than $100,000 forHillary for a strategy summit in New York City. Thegroup will meet with top campaign advisers, according to aninvitation obtained by Politico.

Hillary’s campaign hopes to bring in at least $100 millionfor the primary race by the end of 2015.

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