Bill Clinton: I Love Kendrick Meek

MIAMI- Former President Bill Clinton, popular among Florida Democrats, gave a boost of momentum to Rep. Kendrick Meek's campaign for U.S. Senate Monday by rallying excited Meek supporters during a three city swing through the state, with only a week until the August 24th primary election.

"I love Kendrick Meek. I would be here for him if I was the only vote he had in the entire country, " Clinton said to about 1,000 people at the first campaign rally in Delray Beach, Fl. "I also believe with all my heart that he should be the next U.S. senator in Florida."

Clinton, who called Meek a "very close friend of Hillary's and mine," said that Meek had proven himself in Congress as an effective leader.

"He's the only person you can vote for who has actually gotten anything done in Washington," Clinton added.

Meek, locked in a bitter battle with billionaire Jeff Greene, has an 8.4 percent lead against the real estate mogul, according to an Real Clear Politics average of recent polls. However, the lead between the two has see-sawed back in forth since Greene's late entry into the race last April.

Greene, the self-made billionaire has spent an estimated $11 million (mostly of his money) in his Senate bid while Meek has spent roughly $ 2 million, according to recent filings.

"He's got an opponent who's got more money than he does, " Clinton said." One guy has delivered for you. One guy has more money."

"He is the best president we have ever had, in my lifetime. That's all I know," Leslie McMichael, a Democrat in attendance said to a local WSVN reporter." I'm excited. If he is going to support Kendrick Meek then I'm going to vote for him."

Meek's campaign is hoping that Clinton's involvement will convince more undecided Democrats to think like McMichael.

While Meek campaigned with Clinton, Greene took the opportunity to swing through Meek's Miami Congressional district, where at a stop at the African Heritage cultural center he gave a speech emphasizing job production in an area with a high rate of unemployment.

Greene said one of his "top priorities" as senator would be increasing jobs in Florida, a state hit hard by the recession, and real estate bust, "There is over a million Floridians, out of work," Greene said. "[A]nd you know, there's a lot more than 12 percent unemployment in this neighborhood...and I know what's going on in the economy."

In a race that has been often acrimonious, with both Democrats hurling charges about corruption, Greene took the high-road at Monday evening's event.

"I know this is Kendrick Meek's district. He's a perfectly nice fellow, and I'm a big fan of his mom who was an exceptional congresswoman," Greene said to the room of a couple hundred people, waving green Greene for Senate signs.

Kathleen Reuschle contributed to this report.