Biden: Clinton was a 'prisoner of history,' 'lacked joy'

Former Vice President Joe Biden wrote in his new book that Hillary Clinton was a "prisoner of history" when it came to her unsuccessful 2016 campaign for president and she lacked "joy."

In excerpts of his new book "Promise Me, Dad " printed in Vanity Fair, Biden reflected on his decision to not run for the Democratic presidential nomination against Clinton as well as the death of his son, Beau, in 2015.

Biden addressed Clinton's position as being the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination early in the race, and the fact that she was a woman in that position. Biden said he decided not to run because of the death of Beau and has since said he regrets the decision.

"Everyone thinks it was just raw ambition on her part," Biden wrote. "I think she was sort of a prisoner of history; first woman who had a better-than-even chance of getting the nomination. First woman, relative to the Republican field, who had a better-than-even chance of being president."

Biden also said that he believed that Clinton's campaign was joyless, as noted by Newsweek, while he enjoyed campaigns during his long political career.

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