BIAS ALERT: NYT columnist calls on Google to 'fix' search results about Clinton's health

Amid rampant online speculation about Hillary Clinton's health, one New York Times columnist has a solution – simply get Google to “fix” the search results.

The theories about Clinton’s health, often under the hashtag #HillarysHealth, have been gaining traction on social media in particular.

Democrats have dismissed the claims as a mix of conspiracy theories and misinformation. But now New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo has called on Google to step in.

“Google should fix this. It shouldn't give quarter to conspiracy theorists,” he tweeted.

A year ago, Clinton’s doctor said she was in “excellent physical condition.”

But that has not stopped speculation, with some Republicans including Donald Trump weighing in.

Trump said in a speech last week that Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS, and all the many adversaries we face.”

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said last week on Fox News, “Go online and put down, ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’ and take a look at the videos yourself.”

Clinton’s health first became a matter of scrutiny when she suffered a concussion as secretary of state. Recently, coughing bouts on the campaign trail and pictures of Clinton being helped up stairs by multiple aides have stoked further speculation.

Breitbart News first noted Manjoo’s tweet.