Beto O'Rourke has some Iowans challenging his breakfast pizza bona fides

Former Texas congressman and 2020 Democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke is facing heat from Iowans, who accused him of not eating a signature local "breakfast pizza" he said he was snacking on while on social media.

Casey's General Store, a gas station and convenience store chain in the state, is a favorite among locals for its "breakfast pizza," which has scrambled eggs and is served with cheese sauce or sausage gravy.

"We're eating some breakfast pizza right now," O'Rourke told his Instagram followers in a video of himself eating pizza on the road.

Barstool Sports' Trent Ryan accused O'Rourke of "pretending" to be eating a slice of breakfast pizza, pointing out how what he was consuming had marinara sauce, which doesn't come on the iconic pie.

"What a fraud. How can we trust anything he says after something like this? Did he seriously think Iowans weren’t going to realize that?" Ryan wrote. "That’s the part that makes me the most mad. He made that video thinking he could sneak a regular a-- piece of pizza by us brainless flyover hicks and we’d just smile and give him our vote for president.

"Well think again you Texas f---. We caught it and you just lost Iowa’s vote with that embarrassing pizza charade. Get out of our state and never come back."


Other Iowans took to Twitter to express their skepticism, including Republican Sen. Joni Ernst.

O'Rourke is one of 22 candidates who are running in the Democratic presidential primary so far, and currently averages 4.3 percent in the polls according to Real Clear Politics.