Best ad of the year? Texas pol's wife makes hilarious appeal to voters

In a political season where negative ads have saturated the airwaves, one positive spot out of Texas is proving you don’t have to go low to be effective.

The ad features Charlyn Daugherty, the wife of Gerald Daugherty, a Republican seeking re-election as Travis County Commissioner in Texas.

The one-minute video, posted on YouTube earlier this month, has already gotten more than 1.7 million views. The family-friendly commercial shows the candidate hanging around the house talking ad nauseam about policy problems in south central Texas -- including the cost per inmate in the county jail, while his wife does the dishes; or the tax rate, while he BBQs; and transportation issues, using pieces of meat on his plate during dinner.

“All he wants to do is fix things,” his wife explains. And all she wants is some peace and quiet.

“Gerald really doesn’t have any hobbies,” she says in the opening line of the ad.

Throughout the commercial, she comically rolls her eyes, exhales loudly and ends with, “Please re-elect Gerald.”