Did you know Herman Cain can sing? This was first pointed out byMatt Lewis at The Daily Caller. You can listen to all 13 tracks of a gospel disc the Republican presidential candidate recorded some ten-years ago here:


New to the Republican presidential field is Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.And the man can definitely handle an electric guitar.


In 2005, McCotter and some of his musically inclined fellow members of Congress played the 20th Farm Aid concert as The Second Amendments. (On lead vocals? Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson.)


Now, if we learned anything from the 2008 presidential campaign, it's that former ArkansasGovernor (now Fox News host) Mike Huckabee can play bass guitar very well, thank you.So, if we got all three of these politically inclined men on the stage at once, could they be considered The Band On The Run?

(With apologies to Paul McCartney for borrowing the name from one of his albums.)