Bachmann’s Trump Tower Breakfast

GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann finally received her first sit down meeting with "The Donald", since announcing her bid for the White House. But she's not sharing much more than breakfast at Trump Towers was "terrific".

"It was really great meeting," a Bachmann insider says about the Iowa straw poll winner's meeting with business tycoon Donald Trump. "He was very nice and encouraging."

Bachmann initially requested today's meeting, according to Trump's spokesman. Her campaign tells Fox News this is the first time the two have physically met since she announced her White House run. Trump and Bachmann however spoke on the phone a few weeks ago, and did meet once prior to her official entry into the race.

Earlier this week in New Hampshire, the Minnesota congresswoman said she was "rebooting" her campaign after disappointing poll numbers. Today, Bachmann called the presidential race "volatile" and claimed it's "anyone's to win now."Bachmann described Trump as "good-humored," but she wouldn't give any details about what they specifically discussed in the hour long meeting.

She did say she has a great respect for him and that they agreed to have "a close relationship and talk together."Trump flirted with a presidential run of his own much earlier this year. Since he has opted not to run, he has met with other GOP hopefuls, including former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas governor Rick Perry.

Bachmann has recently dialed back her staff and will be focusing on the Iowa primary, where her campaign headquarters are located and where she shocked many by winning the Ames GOP straw poll in August-- the highlight of her campaign so far.

"We think we are very well positioned after all I am the only woman to win the Iowa Straw Poll," Bachmann said to reporters today in New York. "That is the most significant straw poll in this race. We look forward to competing and winning."

Miami producer Serafin Gomez contributed to this blog