Bachmann Calls GOP Rival "Frugal Socialist"

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman took a shot at her GOP rivals Monday, calling at least one out as a socialist.

"The reason President Obama and some Republicans can get behind socialized medicine is because they share the same core political philosophy about the purpose of government," Bachmann said during a speech in Washington. "We cannot preserve liberty for ourselves and our posterity if the choice in next November is between a frugal socialist and an out-of-control socialist."

While she did not mention former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney by name, he appeared to be the target of the attack. Many of his Republican opponents have said the health care law he championed as governor of the Bay State was used as a model by President Obama when the White House crafted the Affordable Care Act.

Bachmann, who spoke at the Family Research Council, appeared to be trying to recast herself as the conservative alternative to Romney. In recent weeks, that territory has been claimed by Herman Cain, who has shot to the top of both national and early state polls.

But Cain has been struggling with allegations he sexually harassed multiple women while he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990's. Cain has also been having a tough time giving a consistent answer on where he stands on abortion. Some of his comments in recent weeks made it seem like he is pro-choice, though the candidate says he is pro-life. Bachmann zeroed in on that as well.

"I am not confused by what it means to be 100% pro-life. I am both personally and publicly pro-life," she said. I'll never be confused about that issue and you won't find you tube clips with me advocating otherwise."