Arizona State Lawmaker Found Beaten at His Business

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. -- Police in Casa Grande say an Arizona legislator was sent to the hospital after being beaten and knocked unconscious at his business Christmas Day.

Rep. Frank Pratt, 68, was found by his wife about 8 p.m. Saturday at Pratt Pools in Casa Grande, said Mike Keck, criminal investigations commander for the Casa Grande Police Department.

Pratt had gone to the business earlier in the day to check on it and was confronted by someone who was already inside, Keck said.

Pratt was beaten and knocked unconscious, and left tied up inside the building.

When he did not return by 4 p.m., his wife, Janice, said she tried to telephoned him, but he had left his cell phone at home. She went to check on him about an hour later.

His vehicle was not at the shop. Keck said Pratt's sport utility vehicle was stolen.

Janice Pratt did not realize her husband was inside, so she returned home. She checked the business again at 8 p.m. and noticed an unlocked gate.

She then tried the door and heard her husband call for help.

Keck said Pratt was airlifted to a Phoenix hospital, where he was listed in stable condition with multiple cuts and bruises and at least one fracture.

Police did not comment on whether the attack was random or whether items were taken from the shop.

Janice Pratt said her husband has a split lip that will require a plastic surgeon.

"Facial injuries always swell a lot and look scary but he is OK," she said.

She said Pratt hopes to recover enough to drop the opening gavel of the legislative session Jan. 11, since "he has the honor of opening" the session.

Pratt, a Republican from Casa Grande, represents District 23 in the Arizona House.