If House Republicans and Senate Democrats announce an agreement on their budget negotiations, it's probably an April Fool's Day joke.

There were no shortage of them on Friday.

It started with Don Rumsfeld’s tweets: "@RumsfeldOffice Donald Rumsfeld Sitting down with @TMZ at 6 pm ET to talk Justin Bieber, Britney's new fragrance & #knownandunknown."

That was followed by "@RumsfeldOffice Donald Rumsfeld So AM tweet was obviously #aprilfools. Everyone knows if I went on @TMZ, the subject would be @Sn00ki & Jersey Shore reunion."

Worse still, he’s not the only one offering corny jokes this year.

House Speaker John Boehner walked out at the beginning of a press conference, telling reporters, "I bet you thought we were going to have a press conference. April Fool's."

Boehner left the room and then came back to answer questions.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's office sent a memo to congressional Republicans asking whether it's possible that they have abandoned what it described as their efforts to destroy 700,000 jobs with their budget bill and will focus on putting Americans back to work, among other things.

"To bad it's April Fool's Day and nothing has actually changed within the Republican conference," her office wrote. "All joking aside, it is time for the Republicans to join with Democrats to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and reduce the deficit in a responsibly way. American workers, their families and small businesses can't afford to wait."