Anthony Weiner tells Megyn Kelly: 'What I did was a personal failure'

Former N.Y. Rep. Anthony Weiner, whose sexting scandal derailed his bid for mayor of New York, told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly “what I did was a personal failing I didn’t own up to.”

In the last of a two-part interview aired Monday on “The Kelly File,” Kelly asked Weiner if he understood,  given the “scandals” both inside and outside Washington, “why people have a crisis of confidence and have reason to doubt the assertions made by politicians.”

In particular, she referred to N.J. Gov. Chris Christie saying he knew nothing about allegations members of his staff arranged to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge for political payback and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying she knew nothing about the inadequate security in Benghazi.

“Each situation is different,” he replied, and then referring to his own, “I handled it very poorly and then I compounded it by being dishonest about a personal failing.

“So I’m certainly not a great person to arbitrate how other people deal with their crises.

“What I did was a personal failing that I didn’t own up to….The rule  I learned is that being truthful is always better than not.”