Allen West "Not Intimidated" by Town Hall Hecklers

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In early 2010, liberal radio network Air America went out of business. In mid-2011, one of its former hosts seems to be spending some of her time heckling Rep. Allen West R-Fla.

The Palm Beach Post reports former Air America hostess Nicole Sandler was escorted from a Florida town hall meeting for relentlessly harassing West and his wife. While she was being led away, hundreds of men and women cheered loudly and the woman was promptly arrested.

At least one other heckler was removed from the 500 person crowd, according to blogger Javier Manjarres, who made video of the incident available on his blog, The Shark Tank.

"Get your hands off of me!" the woman in the video who appears to be Sandler, shouted to law enforcement officials, moments before being handcuffed. When asked, the arresting officer appears to tell another man that she is being cuffed for "trespassing after a warning."

In the midst of all the excitement and interruptions, Rep. West did not lose focus. "You're not going to intimidate me," he cracked back at his hecklers.

Several liberal groups have called for disruptions at Republican town halls this summer, harkening back to the fiery meetings that preceded the health care vote in Congress.