Air Force joins aerial fight against Florida mosquito population

Florida residents hoping for relief from the thousands of mosquitos that plague them in the summer months are getting help from some big guns: the U.S. Air Force.

NBC Miami reports the Air Force has teamed up with Miami-Dade County to help them control the mosquito population over the summer months.

Air Force crews in C-130 cargo planes will fly over the county during the final two daylight hours before sunset and up to 30 minutes after sunset, weather permitting, from Tuesday through Thursday, NBC Miami reports.

The planes will spray out the pesticide Dibrom, sometimes flying as low as 150 feet from the ground.

County mosquito control officials say they want to assure residents the chemicals being sprayed from above pose no threat to most humans.

"Should be no problem, the amount of insecticide we use is minute. Most people won't even notice they are being sprayed," Chalmers Vasquez, the mosquito control operations manager of Miami-Dade County told NBC Miami.

Anyone with an allergy to the pesticide is being advised to stay indoors while the planes are out, Vasquez said.

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