A Roundup of Voter Problems

We are getting slammed with emails detailing voter complaints.  Issues are flooding into our website and are being reported to election officials and election watchdogs across the country.

In Nevada, the Democratic Secretary of State, Ross Miller, says he is getting more angry complaints than the 2008 presidential election.

Many voters have contacted us saying the touch screen voting machines showed Harry Reid's name when they tried to cast a ballot.

This e-mail from Kevin in Las Vegas is typical: "My vote was moved seven times...Could this have been an error? I do better than this at the poker machines." Officials say the machines cannot be preprogrammed for a candidate, and that investigations have shown no problems with the voting machines themselves. They blame "operator error," and what they call "uncoordinated machine screen malfunctions."

But that voter, Kevin, calls it "nonsense," insisting he did encounter a machine problem.

Meanwhile a complaint has been filed by an attorney for the Sharron Angle campaign, charging that Harrah's Casino pressured its employees to vote for Senator Harry Reid. The complaint cites media reports and internal Harrah's e-mails. Harrah's has not commented, but the Reid campaign responded by saying the report  "has no credibility on its face...that being said, given Senator Reid's work to strengthen the state's top industry, it should come as no surprise that casino employees support his reelection.”In Kentucky, the Election Fraud Hotline has received over 200 complaints, some involving allegations of vote buying.  And in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where 20,000 absentee ballot and ballot application are being sequestered amid charges of voter fraud, one viewer wrote that when he voted, not all of the votes were counted for the candidates he chose.

Robo calls have led to the arrest of a campaign consultant for the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, Ken Ard.  Robert Cahaly was charged with using automated calls, and not "a live operator" which is apparently illegal there.  Calahy is scheduled to surrender on Wednesday. In Kansas and California there have been complaints of robo calls instructing people to vote November 3rd, tomorrow. In Kansas the robo calls also supposedly told people they needed to show up at the polls with ID and the deed to their house.  The Attorney General in Kansas has opened an investigation into the calls.  In that state, misleading voters is a felony.  It has been reported that the state Democrats blame the calls on Republicans, but they deny it, saying that all their calls are preceded with an announcement that the call is from the G.O.P.

And in South Carolina, authorities are investigating allegations that some Tea Party activists may have harassed African-American students when they showed up to vote at one polling place.

In Minnesota’s Crow Wing county, election authorities have received a complaint that van loads of group home residents were taken to a polling site and told to vote for only the Democratic Farmer Labor party candidates.

Voter Montgomery Jensen filed the affidavit, and told Fox News that he "felt that they were exploiting these individuals and using them to vote multiple times, to stuff the ballot box, to increase the odds for their party."

And on this Election Day a voter has been arrested for voting twice. Authorities say the 74 year-old Wisconsin man allegedly filled out separate absentee ballots in two different counties.

Over the past two years, our site, Voterfraud@Foxnews.com, has received upwards of 17,000 e-mails. Here is a sampling from today:  "I rarely review my ballot before casting my vote. Today I did. To my surprise, my republican vote was changed to the incumbent democrat for Governor. I promptly changed it and then finalized my vote." -John, Ohio

“When I voted this morning, I pressed Sandoval and the machine showed a check mark for Reid. I told the election person and he told me how to fix it. It was then correct."  -Nancy, Las Vegas

"When I went to vote this morning, I was surprised when they told me I had already voted absentee. I had not! I vote in every election, even primaries. I've never had a problem before. My name was right. My address was right. The address was right. The early absentee vote in my name is fraud...The fraudulent early absentee vote could not be pulled from the system." Jack, VA

"My son David went in to vote today. They told him he had already voted. He insisted that he had not yet voted...Did someone send in an absentee ballot falsely calming to be him?  Someone is trying to steal his vote." -Dale, AZ

“Our daughter-in-law just phoned me to say that when she and our son arrived at the polls to vote today, they were told that they had already voted by absentee ballot. The insisted that they had not done so, and were then told that they could vote again! They refused." -Gloria, Colorado

“Here in my area of Kentucky, they went back to paper ballots. It was fast (no waiting) & went smoothly. Recommend it!!"  Gerry, Kentucky

“The precinct I vote was unable to count any ballots in the scanner until an unknown time because of 'technical issues." I have no idea if my vote will be counted." -Mark, Illinois

“I hate the idea of mail in ballots. To me, it opens the door to voter fraud. Freedom isn't free, and considering its importance, I think a good citizen should have to make an appearance to claim their right." -Shelley, Washington state

And there were these:

"Thank you so much for all you do to keep this country honest and its voters informed!"

"Thank you, Fox, for keeping it real. I certainly trust you, and will be watching tonight. And, thanks for watching out for us."

We want to thank all those who have written in. Our address is Voterfraud@Foxnews.com