2 Mods Respond to Reid

Just tried to get Sens Snowe & Ben Nelson to comment on Reid's 315pm presser, in which he's expected to announce a decision on public option --- that he's choosing the opt out approach --- and got the following responses:

*NOTE:  Snowe has said emphatically that the only public option she supports is one that is triggered down the road at some determined point if current reforms prove not to be bringing down healthcare costs (aka: "bending the cost curve"):


"Nothing’s changed. She’s made her position on this pretty well known. "


"Nelson’s out of pocket this afternoon and early evening, so he’s not available and we won’t be sending a statement.

What he said on another cable station yesterday is operational for now:

'I can't decide about the procedural vote until I see the underlying bill. It would be reckless to say I'll support the procedure without knowing what the underlying bill consists of. And it's not put together yet.' "