11 speed cameras methodically trashed by vandals in DC, police say

One or more suspects damaged nearly a dozen speed cameras in Washington, D.C. shortly after midnight Tuesday -- and some of the equipment was apparently destroyed with extreme prejudice, police said.

In one location, officers said in a police report that a camera had been "pushed over" and "ripped off the wiring and from where it was mounted," the Washington Post reported.

Another camera, once positioned by a freeway, was no more: “The wiring was ripped completely out and no camera was located," officers wrote.

The cost of the systematic damage, which authorities have officially described as vandalism, was still being tallied late Tuesday.

But online, residents of the District praised the vandals. Washington has nearly 300 speed cameras, according to the Post, as well as a network of red-light cameras.

"PLEASE come forward, identify you yourself and take responsibility for your actions...so we can all vote for you for Mayor," one user wrote in the comments to the Washington Post article. "Well done good citizen."

On Twitter, others voiced support for the apparent crimes.

"MORE OF THIS PLEASE," wrote one user, who attached a picture of a destroyed camera.