Why is Obama more eager to politicize victims in Oregon than reduce violence in America?

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President Obama’s unwelcome visit to Roseburg, Oregon Friday makes one thing clear: he is clearly more interested in politicizing the nine dead victims at Umpqua Community College than reducing violence in America. If the president truly wanted to solve the issue, he wouldn’t call for new gun restrictions, he’d instead address the root cause of violence in America – sin and evil and the families broken and torn apart because of it.

President Obama’s hometown of Chicago would actually be a perfect place to start. Despite restrictions on guns in Chicago, bullets spray like summertime sprinklers in Obama’s hometown.

This year alone, there have been 2,300 shooting victims.  Obama’s fellow community organizers on the South Side live in a war zone, and the dots marking crime spots on these neighborhood maps look like a decade-old dartboard.

Local gang territories mirror school district maps, so teachers and parents protest redrawn school districts because it inevitably means open warfare. On Sunday a man was shot to death and four others were wounded, including two 14-year-old teens, just a few miles from the President's Chicago home.

When it comes to advancing his liberal agenda, President Obama will exploit anything, even death and suffering.

On weekend nights throughout the summer, ambulances and emergency rooms staff-up to treat the inevitable casualties. In the past two years, there have been 500 murders and more than 5,000 shooting victims.

The South Side of Chicago would be a perfect place for the president to condemn the root causes of this senseless violence – the evil and sin. That evil and sin has broken homes leaving children with no good role models, devalued life and made people believe the lie that one life is more important than another.

President Obama should use the White House pulpit to confront this issue head on and crush our culture of violence that glorifies death and destruction.

Lack of respect for life and the ever increasing coarseness and crudeness in our culture contribute to a community of indifference, self-centeredness, and mayhem.  This evil infects neighborhoods, parks, and bus stops every day.

Most of the victims are teenagers and young adults, but in the past decade, more than 90 children under five have been killed in the crossfire.

But instead of going to Chicago to address the real issue, Obama travels to Oregon to politicize last week’s community college shooting and demand ineffective backwards gun-control policies that empower criminals and terrorists at the expense of law-abiding citizens.

When it comes to advancing his liberal agenda, President Obama will exploit anything, even death and suffering.

The Oregon shooting occurred in a “gun-free zone.”  It’s time we realize that “gun-free zones” are “sitting duck zones.”

If existing gun laws did not prevent this massacre, there’s no reason to believe more restrictive laws will.  In fact, I keep asking liberals: ‘What law could we pass that would’ve prevented this?”  Liberals never have an answer because there isn’t one and they know it.

Obama’s hometown has some of the toughest, strictest gun laws in America.  Prohibitions, bans, registrations, confiscations, and mandates—Chicago has it all. And what has it accomplished to make the streets safer? Absolutely nothing. Chicago remains one of the most dangerous and violence cities in America.

This real issue, at its core, demonstrates how conservatives differ from liberals whenever any “new” law is being discussed:  Liberals ask, “How does this law make me feel?” Conservatives ask, “What does this law do?"

Talk of gun control makes the liberals feel warm and fuzzy.  However, the cold reality is that when you disarm the good guys you put them at the mercy of the bad guys. That’s what gun control does.

The Second Amendment is the last line of defense against evil and tyranny and it must be protected.