Why fret in anguish over things we have no control over?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit a number of beaches across our watery globe. Each sand-covered stretch of coast is completely unique in every aspect—color, composite, and texture. Every time I visit a beach, I cannot help but take a moment to praise God. I praise Him not just for his obviously beautiful handiwork of the peaceful seashore, or the alluring sound of the waves gently crashing, but for so much more.

Have you ever sat on the beach, scooped up a handful of sand, and contemplated the number of granules you are carrying? Some estimate that a handful of sand is around two million granules of sand. Now multiply that handful by the amount of handfuls present on the beach. You’d come up with roughly seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion total grains of sand on the earth.

That is a 20-digit number. Attempting to process this legitimately makes that three-pound organ in your skull hurt. I attempted this once, sitting on a private beach in Del Mar, California, enjoying my morning cup of coffee, while watching a dolphin pod swim by without a care in the world. As I scooped up a handful of sand and inquisitively pondered the precise number of grains of sand in my grasp, I experienced an unforgettable realization. Realistically, there was not a valid way for me to accurately determine how many tiny, water-worn, microscopic rock particles were in my hand; however, God could.

And not only could he tell me how many grains were in my hand, but he could also tell me how many grains effortlessly lay there on that beach, and across the planet. What a beautiful, awe-inspiring realization. This revelation of God’s transcendent, all-knowing sovereignty did not stop there. It dawned on me, much like the glorious sunrise I sat there observing, that if God can number the sands, what do I have to worry about?

Christ makes it clear in Matthew 6 that even the birds of the air have their needs provided for, that He causes the lilies of the field to grow, and that he clothes the grass of the field. Later in chapter 10, He tells us that not even one sparrow falls to the ground without the Father knowing and that He numbers the hairs of our head.

Therefore, fear not. Therefore, do not be anxious. It is simply foolish for us to worry about our needs, our health, or our tomorrows. In Romans 8, the Apostle Paul declares to us God’s plan to work out all things to the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purposes, and all for His glory. ALL things, not SOME things. And this is not a fluffy “maybe” suggestion, but a set-in-stone, ironclad guarantee. You can take this to the bank and count on it.

Why fret in anguish over things we have no control over? God is sovereign over all things. He is our Creator and Sustainer, and He will do just that. He will sustain. Jehovah Jireh is not just His namesake, it is His nature.

He will provide. He has promised to provide for the birds of the air, the lilies and grass of the field, the sparrows, and even that carefree pod of dolphins from Del Mar. Worry leads to anxiety, and anxiety can be crippling. Anxiousness does not add a single hour to your life—it takes hours from your life. Be free from worry and anxiety. Fret not. Trust in God of the sand.