US more violent than ISIS? UC Berkeley students seem to think so

The University of California Berkeley is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in the country.  Alumni include the great American novelist Jack London, Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, founders of Intel, Apple and the helmsman of the Starship Enterprise George Takei and many other American thought leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs.

One of the great axioms in life is that there is no connection between intellect and wisdom.

You may have seen my previous "Ami on the Street” where I compared the reactions of the students to the waving of an ISIS flag and an Israeli flag. Whereas the Israeli flag received dozens of malicious comments the ISIS flag receive nary a response, other than support.

This time -  as seen in the video above - I set out to find out how much the Berkeley student body knows about ISIS (or at least their deductive abilities) and who is responsible for the current death and destruction in Iraq and Syria.

In case you missed it, check out Ami's ISIS/Israeli flag-waving skills at Berkeley in this video below:

[youtube kCBINSWCiAE]