So you got the vaccine because they told you to get it — or they forced you to get it — because as Joe Biden himself explained, it was your patriotic duty to get it to protect yourself and others. Good people do that.  

The only way we can stop the spread of this virus and return to normal life is by taking the vaccines. If you get the shot, you can have hotdogs on the Fourth of July. Remember when he told you that? So you’d got the shot.  

Now — surprise, surprise — they’re demanding that even after you got the shot, you wear a mask again, even when you’re outside. 

What’s going on here? Why are they doing this? There must be some reason for it. We’ve been wondering about it all week. Yesterday we asked the CDC to explain the reasoning behind it. They couldn’t tell us. Today they did. What an explanation. It turns out that the COVID vaccines — those wonder drugs that were absolutely perfect, more impressive than the moon landing, the drugs you were not allowed to question in any way — don’t actually work in the way they told us they did. The science is more complicated than we thought.  


There’s still an awful lot we don’t know. These are, after all, experimental drugs, and they’re behaving like it. The bottom line is that a huge number of vaccinated people are getting COVID, and some of them are getting very sick, even dying. That’s true around the world: it’s true in Iceland, Gibraltar, Israel — small countries with high vaccination rates have seen big spikes in COVID cases — and it’s every bit as true here in the United States. According to the CDC today, fully three-quarters of the people infected in a recent outbreak, for example, in Massachusetts had already been vaccinated. The CDC announced vaccinated people can carry the virus with them, and they can easily spread the virus to others. As the CDC conceded, "Breakthrough infections may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases." 

Ok. So now we learn that virtually everything they told us about the COVID vaccine was wrong. Looks like we were right to ask questions. Keep in mind that if you’d written any of what we just said on Facebook yesterday, you would have been censored immediately for misinformation, if not for a hate crime. Yet now, it’s the official finding of the U.S. government. 


Surprised? You shouldn’t be surprised. Science is like that. It can change quickly. It is never really settled, despite what they tell you. If the Biden administration had just admitted that from the beginning, we’d be better off now. Most Americans understand that medicine is complicated. Even great medicines, chemotherapy, for example, don’t always work. And you don’t know when they’re not going to work, because there’s a lot you don’t know. Most people can live with honest uncertainty. They can handle the truth. What they can’t handle is being lied to relentlessly by their leaders and then shamed if they ask questions.  

That’s exactly what’s been happening. You remember just a few weeks ago — July 8 — that Tony Fauci himself was asked directly by a reporter whether the vaccine would work against the new delta variant of COVID. The honest answer would have been, "we’re not sure," or "we hope it does." But Fauci is a liar, so that’s not what he said. Instead, as usual, he pretended to know what he doesn’t know and could not know. "The answer," Fauci replied, "is yes, it does." 

Fauci said that on the record, and he said it more or than once. They all said it. Again, and again, and again. And they shouted at you if you asked a follow-up question. You’d think they would be apologizing now, or at least explaining how they got it so completely wrong. But they’re not doing that. That would require humility. It might force them, perhaps, to relinquish some of the immense power they have gathered over the last 18 months. No chance. What they’re doing instead is blaming you for the whole thing. They’re punishing the country for the disaster they made. It’s your fault. The White House announced a new round of crushing lockdowns may be on the way: 

PETER DOOCY: If scientists come to you at some point down the line and say it is our opinion that there should be shutdowns and there should be school closures, you would do that? 

KARINE JEAN PIERRE:  Well we listen to - like I said, we listen to the CDC and the expert and their guidance are, you know, the CDC is a body that is very well respected. And we follow again, we follow their guidance. 

Joe Biden, leaving in a helicopter from the White House lawn said the same thing. "Yup, new lockdowns could be coming."

"The CDC is a body that is well-respected," mutters the flack, as if repetition makes it true. Respected by whom? How many times do you have to get it wrong before people stop respecting you or believing? Is there any limit on that? And while we’re at it, why are lockdowns the obvious response to a failing vaccine? Who thought that up? What’s the justification for it? Doesn’t seem to be much. 

Look at the data from the U.K. -- a country that has vaccination rates similar to ours.  

In Britain, authorities saw a big spike in cases of the so-called "delta variant" a month ago. But the British government didn't reinstitute lockdowns. They didn't force a new mask mandate. What happened next? COVID cases and deaths in the U.K. plummeted.  

So the question is: why does the U.S. need more lockdowns? Why the forced masking? Masks are of limited medical value, as the authorities once told us. They clearly hurt kids. They obviously damage society. You can’t breathe when you wear one. Yet the Biden administration is now requiring masks. The surgeon general even demanded that vaccinated people wear masks outside: 

MSNBC DR. VIVEK MURTHY, US SURGEON GENERAL: If you happen to have a lot of interaction with folks who are unvaccinated, let's say you’re a parent like me who has young children at home who are not vaccinated, that’s a circumstance where we’re being extra cautious and wearing that mask even if you’re fully vaccinated, wearing it outside, when you’re in indoor public locations, is an extra step to protecting those at home.

We’re not even going to repeat for you for the third right in a row the actual data on the question of COVID and young people. Are your small children at risk of dying from COVID? No. Not unless they have a profoundly dangerous preexisting condition like Leukemia. In which case, beware. Otherwise, they’ll be fine. That’s what the numbers say.


And yet, there’s the Surgeon General, whatever that is, telling you to wear a mask outside with your kids. 

This is crazy. Let’s just say it out loud. Even the people enforcing the rules, demanding that you change your life, that you put your life on hold, don’t actually believe the rules they’re imposing on you. Nancy Pelosi just called for the arrest of anyone who doesn't wear a mask in the Capitol, yet she just asked to take off masks to wear a photo. 

PELOSI: Can we take off our masks just for the photo? Would that be allowed? (all masks comes off)

Oh, so when masks are inconvenient for you, you get to take them off. Like when you’re flying in a private plane to Washington or when you want a picture that shows your face. But anyone else that takes them off gets arrested. And they’re doubling down and tripling down. 

Congressional Democrats are now calling for a vaccinate mandate in Congress. That means everyone in the building — members and staffers — would be required to get a shot the CDC told us today apparently doesn’t work very well, and by the way, whose long-term effects can’t be known. But they’re telling you they must get it. You must get it. Your kids must get it in order to return to school. 

The question is really: How long are Americans going to put up with this? What happens when large groups of people start to resist these mandates, as inevitably they will, because they’re too unreasonable, too irrational, and not rooted in science? They’re pushing us toward something awful. Maybe that’s the point of threatening to arrest people who won’t wear masks at the Capitol. Once they’ve done that, what will they do next, call out the National Guard?


That’d be fine with the media, apparently. Journalists are doing everything they can to convince you that emergency measures are necessary -- civil rights should be suspended, in the case of COVID. They're even lying to make that point. In Kansas City, for example, NBC affiliate KSHB posted a disturbing report this week.  

"Children's Mercy Hospital is operating to capacity, not only because of COVID-19 cases among youths who aren't eligible to be vaccinated, but also due to ending mask policies." That was a report.

Oh, wow, really? When you get rid of mask policies and you don’t make 3-year-olds get the vaccine, your hospitals fill up and millions die. The ICUs are flooded again -- all because of children and people who aren't wearing their masks because they believe in QAnon or they’re racist. That’s what they’re telling you. And not just in Kansas City, everywhere. But is it true? In this case, it’s not. Children's Mercy Hospital said it had no idea what the local news media was talking about. 

"We continue to be able to meet the needs of our patients requiring hospitalization," Children's Mercy wrote in a statement. "The increase in children we are treating as in-patients is mainly due to respiratory illnesses" -- ones that are unrelated to COVID. 

In other words, no, in Kansas City, the hospitals are not flooded with QAnon believers who refuse to wear their masks. They lied about that. Why would they be lying about that? What is all of this about? At the very moment we discovered they had been telling us something that was not true about the CDC, they redouble their efforts to make you believe what all of us know is false. 

This is what one "vaccine expert" at the University of Maryland -- Kathleen Nuezil -- spelled it out. Here's what she just told The Washington Post.  


"We really need to shift toward a goal of preventing serious disease and disability and medical consequences, and not worry about every virus detected in somebody’s nose," Neuzil said. "It’s hard to do, but I think we have to become comfortable with coronavirus not going away." 

"We have to become comfortable with the coronavirus not going away." What does that mean exactly? 

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson's opening commentary on the July 29, 2021, edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."