Planned Parenthood has long proclaimed itself to be a pro-woman medical provider of comprehensive health care services to women. It claims that it merely helps women and couples plan their families by educating them about their “reproductive choices.”

Such self-righteous congratulatory proclamations have been partially unmasked. In recent years, Planned Parenthood has been exposed for what it truly is – the world’s largest provider and promoter of abortion, for which it receives millions of tax-payer dollars. The shocking revelation of its sale of aborted fetal parts for use in medical research has opened the eyes of many.

Now, however, the complete unmasking of Planned Parenthood is about to happen. Premiering this week is the movie "Unplanned." This dramatic cinematic event unveils the true story of Abby Johnson, who for eight years served as the director of one of Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion clinics.


Abby is shown as a sincere believer in women’s rights who thinks that by providing so-called comprehensive medical services, including abortion, Planned Parenthood is doing a good thing. At that time, she did not believe that abortion was the main service of Planned Parenthood. So she was quite perplexed when told by Planned Parenthood higher-ups that her clinic must meet a certain quota of abortions each month.

After eight years at her clinic, Abby saw something that changed her forever. She was asked to assist in an abortion procedure by firmly holding the mother’s abdomen during the probe on the ultrasound machine. She watched the screen in horror as she saw the image of a fully-formed baby fighting for her life while being systematically decapitated.

Abby finally realized what she had been a part of and, shortly thereafter, left the clinic. She has been working ever since to help abortion workers across the nation leave the abortion industry. At her departure, she was threatened by Planned Parenthood higher-ups who eventually sued to stop her from unmasking the bloody trade in which they deal.

As the movie indicates, Planned Parenthood is primarily an abortion provider receiving $500 million in federal tax dollars annually. Because abortion is their business, they shamefully oppose the compassionate work of over 2,500 pro-life, pro-women pregnancy centers that provide free services that empower mothers to choose life.

In the early 1980s, Planned Parenthood launched a vicious smear campaign against pro-life centers labeling them “fraudulent,” “deceptive” and “fake.” Its goal was and still is to promote legislation and lawsuits that will eventually close them down. For over three decades, pro-life centers have battled Planned Parenthood in the courts and state legislatures for the right to provide life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

This shameful attack on pro-life ministries came to a head when, in 2015, the state of California attempted to bully pro-life medical clinics that do not refer or provide abortions into becoming state-mandated abortion referral agencies.

Pro-life centers eventually won at the Supreme Court last year in the landmark case of NIFLA v. Becerra. The Court held that such bullying tactics by California violated the free speech rights of pro-life centers.

Planned Parenthood criticizes the pro-life movement for allegedly not caring about a mother facing the trauma of an unplanned pregnancy. However, they then turn around and attack pro-life centers for caring for this mother by offering free resources and support.


This hypocrisy is understandable. Planned Parenthood is a multi-million-dollar industry. "Unplanned" shows this all too well. Abortion is its agenda. Whenever a mother chooses life at a pro-life center, Planned Parenthood loses money. No wonder it opposes their life-affirming work.

Now the true nature of Planned Parenthood is unmasked. I urge all to go see "Unplanned" – if you dare. It just might change your life. It just might change the nation.