So Tiger is going back to rehab! Rehab for serial cheating on your wife? Sexual addiction? This phony “disease” is the latest in a long line of Baby Boomer cattle crap meant to avoid responsibility for your actions. It is the ultimate “dog ate my homework” excuse turned into an addiction.

Get caught doing something wrong? Call it a “sickness” or “disease.” Cancer is a disease. Calling this an addiction does a disservice to all those fighting real addictions like alcohol and drugs. Cheating on your wife is a moral and ethical failing, period. You got caught Tiger. Cowboy up and sin no more or get divorced and have as many romps as you want.

I found his “press conference” to be an overly-controlled event that provided no real news. I find it interesting that the Golf Writers Association of America boycotted the event. Will he ever subject himself to real questions from real reporters? Don’t hold your breath.

Tiger mentioned role models. Message to parents--athletes, actors and actresses, are NOT role models. You are supposed to be the role model for your kids. You can’t subcontract that job to a cynical society and its many flawed players. As I like to say in the Cowboy Libertarian’s Code: Parents are parents and kids are kids, not friends and buddies.

I am sure Oprah, Barbara Walters and other softball interviews are being lined up by his phalanx of PR folks. Can a Parade magazine cover with Elin and the kids be far behind? By the way, what is the ribbon color for this “disease”?

This rant is now concluded. You may now return to your productive day!

Patrick Dorinson blogs at The Cowboy Libertarian. He is a frequent contributor to the Fox Forum.

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