The Big Power Grab

By Michael GoodwinNew York Daily News Columnist/FOX News Contributor

Big government is on a big roll. As Washingtonmoves from bailing out banks to setting pay levels, from bailing out automakers to deciding which local dealerships will be closed, each day brings fresh evidence of its growing role in what used to be the private economy.

It is happening at a breathtaking pace, driven not just by the economic crisis but also by deliberate policies of the Obama White Houseand Democrats in Congress. And they're not done yet, with a push to expand government's role in health care and energy policy next on tap.

But before Americans hand the political class and their bureaucratic handmaidens more money and power, some required reading is in order. I'm talking about the collapse of New York Stategovernment last week, a chaotic meltdown that offers a cautionary tale about whether Washington is up to the vast responsibilities it is assuming. To read Mr. Goodwin's complete column, click here.