Sean Hannity: The mainstream media's obsession of the week -- Flynn and Mueller's partisan witch-hunt

Many in the press are yet again predicting an end to the Trump presidency.  It's been going on for two years.  It hasn't happened yet.

Despite the hysteria, predictable hysteria, you just saw the latest Mueller memo does not contain any Watergate-like revelations, not even close.

Here are the facts: the Mueller memo makes references to Lt. Gen. Flynn violating -- this is how deep they had to dig here -- violating the Logan Act.  The Logan Act is an archaic law that was passed, get this, in 1799 and it was only responsible for two indictments in the 1800s.

Now, he was also allegedly been investigated for violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act or FARA, as it's called, which was used only seven times since it became law in 1966.

This is how -- it's all in that memo that we had last night --   This is how desperate and how pathetic Robert Mueller is.

Now, remember, Flynn was first a victim of a crime himself because they knew nothing about Flynn except that they illegally surveilled him, illegally unmasked him.  They put aside the -- what we now call you are supposed to do mitigating.  They're supposed to literally, once an American is on the phone line, you are not supposed to identify them.  And then raw intelligence on Flynn was leaked.

And that illegally leaked information was then used against him by team Mueller. Flynn, well, he pled guilty to a process crime.  That's true.

You can't get him on any underlying crimes about collusion with Russia and lying to Mueller's investigators. Neither Comey nor McCabe thought he lied and Peter Strzok who interviewed him, he never thought Flynn was lying.

He pleaded guilty only after he had legal bills that were wrecking his finances, forcing him to sell his family home, nearly going bankrupt.  And in all likelihood, he was told investigators would go after his son who he did business with.  So, he fell on the sword in that case.

Is that what justice in America is supposed to look like to you?  What about Mr. Mueller?  Are you happy about this?  Is this what we get after your 567-day investigation?  This guy served his country for 33 years, including five years in combat?

According to the memo, Flynn agreed to cooperate with the Mueller investigation but the details of that cooperation are redacted. However, the memo does detail zero evidence of collusion, none, zero once again.

And while an American military hero's life has been wrecked for a process crime, we'll take a look at those on the left. Well, seemingly will never be prosecuted for their lying.

Long-time Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin -- remember, they lied to the FBI about Hillary Clinton's private e-mail system.

DOJ official Bruce Ohr or Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson likely lied. How do we know?

Because they gave completely contradictory testimony.

Then we have dirty dossier author Christopher Steele, he was fired from the FBI for lying.  That didn't stop him from trying to work with Bruce Ohr and feed Special Counsel Mueller more of his phony lies in the course of this investigation.

James Clapper lied under oath about the national surveillance program.  So, too, did John Brennan as he also likely lied about -- under oath about leaking.

And we know James Comey lied to Congress about when he wrote the report exonerating Clinton and Comey's second in command Andrew McCabe was fired because of a long pattern of lying.  Don't forget Lois Lerner lied to investigators about the IRS scandal.  Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch lied about talking to anyone on the Clinton campaign about the FBI's Clinton probe.

And another Obama Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath on multiple occasions.

But rest assured, Robert Mueller can now sleep well at night after taking down a decorated military hero who dedicated his entire adult life to public service, 33 years serving his country, five of those years in the field of battle.

Great job, Mr. Mueller.  I'm sure America is feeling a lot safer tonight now that Gen. Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI when the FBI never thought he lied.

Now, later this week, by Friday, Mueller is expected to file new memos on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort who have also been accused of violating their plea deal.

Now, still, the only thing in common with Flynn, Manafort, and Cohen is that their cases similarly have absolutely nothing to do with Trump-Russia collusion.

We are dealing with taxi medallions and loan applications and taxes from back in 2007.

Adapted from Sean Hannity's monologue on "Hannity" on December 5, 2018.