Say What, Senator?!

By Andrea TantarosRepublican Political Commentator

It looks like Rod Blagojevich isn't the only politician from Illinois who is having trouble keeping his story straight. The man he chose to replace Senator Barack Obama in the midst of his pay-to-play scandal is now under fire for potentially lying under oath. Roland Burris, Illinois's newest Senator, who has claimed he had nothing to do with Blago's attempt to try and sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder, filed an affidavit earlier this month with the head of the impeachment committee to amend his testimony. In it, he noted that Blago's brother solicited him for campaign funds. (Apparently, inappropriate wheeling and dealing is a core competency in the Blagojevich family).

[caption id="attachment_7344" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Senator Roland Burris, D-Illinois on February 15 in Chicago (AP) "][/caption]

Not only has made contradictory statements, but he also has appeared to perjure himself. Rather than come clean during the impeachment hearing Burris, now a Senator, has decided to release more information, most likely because he was caught on tape.

But this drama could have been prevented if Democrats in Illinois would have stripped Blago of his ability to appoint a replacement. They didn't, fearing a Republican might win in a special election (heaven forbid!) Their partisan politicking has caused a national embarassment that seems endless.

Burris needs to tell us everything he knows -- and fast. If he withheld information relating to potential deal making under oath, then he needs to step down. So far he's ducked and left many questions unanswered. Democrats have a chance to finally get it right in the state of Illinois and demand the truth. The stakes are so high in Washington, we can't afford another distraction. Roland Burris: we're waiting.