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Roland Burris

Sen. Roland Burris : Part 2

Obama's successor in Senate addresses the Blagojevich scandal

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  1. Star Witness

    Roland Burris testifies before Illinois state committee considering impeachment of Governor Rod Blagojevich

  2. Changing Their Tune

    Almost a complete 180 in Washington over matter of Illinois Senate appointee Roland Burris

  3. Legal Options

    Roland Burris' lawyer discuses legal options regarding senate seat

  4. Denied Entry

    Panel weighs in on Senate's refusal to accept Roland Burris' credentials

  5. No Comment?

    Reverend Al Sharpton explains why he hasn't been vocal in controversy surrounding appointment of Roland Burris

  6. 'Sooner Than Later'

    Will Roland Burris finally be seated as Illinois senator?

  7. Give Him Credit?

    Clarence Page on Roland Burris !

  8. 'Beyond Comprehension'

    Sen. Roland Burris on upcoming inauguration, friction surrounding his appointment to Illinois Senate seat

  9. 'Very Shortly'

    Roland Burris is confident he will represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate

  10. Mr. Burris Goes to Washington

    Sen. Roland Burris reflects on his turbulent road to Obama's seat

  11. Mr. Burris Goes to Washington

    Will Roland Burris be allowed a senate seat?

  12. 'I Will Not Be a Candidate'

    Sen. Roland Burris announces he won't seek election in 2010

  1. Done Deal?

    Senate Democrats plan to seat Roland Burris as senator

  2. 'Cleared the Air Completely'

    Harry Reid, Dick Durbin comment on meeting with Roland Burris

  3. Lawfully His?

    Roland Burris stakes claim to Illinois Senate seat under Blagojevich corruption cloud

  4. 'Not Seeking Confrontation'

    Roland Burris credentials refused by Senate

  5. Cold Welcome

    Roland Burris arrives to a chilly reception in Washington where he plans to take over Obama's Senate seat

  6. 'Unquestioned Integrity'

    Gov. Blagojevich names Roland Burris to replace Barack Obama in U.S. Senate

  7. Reid Reverses Course

    Senate majority leader gets behind Roland Burris while distancing himself from Norm Coleman

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