RNC Chairman: Tom Steyer, Democratic allies trying to keep GOP voters away from polls

Tom Steyer’s dark money special interest group, NextGen Climate, knows Democrats can’t win this election on the issues this year—especially not on Steyer’s radical anti-energy agenda. So they have a new plan: suppress the Republican vote.

In a September memo to their state teams, NextGen lays out a plan to “degrade Republican performance” by “dampening Republican enthusiasm levels.” By spreading misinformation about Republican candidates, they’re hoping to divide our party in a last-ditch attempt to save theirs. It’s their last hope to force their far-left agenda on America.

NextGen and their Democratic allies know that voters are upset with President Obama and his policies. They are ready to go to the polls and cast their votes against the Democratic Party to register this disapproval of the Democrat in the White House. Even the president recognizes that this election is a referendum on his policies. “Make no mistake,” he said in a recent speech about his agenda, “these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”

Democratic candidates are worried. Every single one of them. The last thing they want is to be associated with President Obama or his policies—including ObamaCare, reckless spending, acting unilaterally on immigration, and his opposition to the Keystone pipeline. But the Democrat Senators up for reelection have marched in lockstep with President Obama, and no matter what they say on the campaign trail, they would keep doing it if they got reelected.

Thankfully, we’re not going to let them get reelected. Republicans, independents and dissatisfied Democrats will unite to elect a Republican majority to the U.S. Senate. That’s the only way to stop the Obama-Reid agenda, which is no different from the extreme agenda of Tom Steyer and NextGen Climate, who have poured tens of millions of dollars into supporting Democratic campaigns. Why are they spending that money? To ensure Democrats will vote against the Keystone Pipeline and American energy independence in the Senate.

America needs a Republican Senate, not just to stop Obama’s failed policies but also to enact pro-jobs, pro-growth Republican policies.

There are over 350 bills, including over 40 jobs bills, that the Republican-led House has passed but that Harry Reid refuses to put up for a vote in the Senate. Many of those bills are bipartisan, but for Harry Reid it doesn’t matter. It’s his way (Tom Steyer’s way, really) or the highway. Steyer wins, America loses.

Democrats should be ashamed of the tactics they’ve resorted to to cling to their majority. Letting outside groups attempt to depress the Republican vote is unacceptable, but it just illustrates that Democrats don’t have anything substantive to run on. For the last six years, they’ve had their way under President Obama, and Americans aren’t happy with the results.

This latest liberal ploy is one more reason for conservatives to make a strong showing at the polls on Election Day.

They want you to stay home.

They want you not to vote.

Show this liberal billionaire you can’t be bullied. Show Democrats how much money they, and their extreme allies, have wasted on a losing strategy.

Most importantly, let’s get this country back on track and working for the America people—not for out-of-touch liberal interest groups.

Go vote.