Friday, May 31 was another dark day in California. Gov. Newsom issued his “Proclamation on Reproductive Freedom,” which celebrates the widespread availability of abortion in our state, and then welcomes women across America to travel to California to brutally end the lives of the precious babies in their wombs.

Newsom’s proclamation states, “California has been recognized by the Guttmacher Institute as the state with the strongest protections of rights to reproductive freedom.” It fails to warn desperate women in crisis pregnancies that Guttmacher’s founder, Alan Guttmacher was president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Newsom’s proclamation is an affront to millions of Californians who value life in the womb and desire to protect and comfort women in unplanned, crisis pregnancies who for too long have been victims of Planned Parenthood allies who manipulate families for political and financial gain. Shockingly, their closest allies include state and national teachers’ unions.


Millions of America’s teachers are pro-life and entered the teaching profession to protect vulnerable children, yet the unions “representing” us lavish our resources on politicians who despise our deeply held beliefs. Gov. Newsom is one of them.

The California Teachers’ Association invested heavily in Newsom – giving his campaign $1.3 million of teacher monies! That’s one reason he promotes the union agenda of on-demand abortion, for any reason until birth. The CTA-backed majority in our legislature also champions the unions’ agenda while using my trusted teaching profession as a front to push their anti-life assault.

Teachers unions and the state of California claim to be tolerant, inclusive, fair, and compassionate, yet instead of supporting truly caring organizations like Pregnancy Resource Centers who provide parenting classes, ultrasounds, clothing, diapers, adoption services, and more to women and men in crisis, California’s “leaders” attack those loving organizations and champion abortion. Using sweet-sounding, deceptive euphemisms like “early abortion care” and dehumanizing terms like “fetus” they carefully craft their proclamations forcing all Californians to fund the end of millions of priceless lives.

Then, by proclaiming “an individual may choose to have an abortion without consent or involvement of their parent or guardian, spouse, or the biological parent of the fetus,” California’s leaders deny fathers the right to save the lives of their own babies and deny all parents the right to protect their own minor children during serious life-altering events. These “young women” California legislators purport to protect with “privacy guarantees” to receive abortions without parental knowledge or permission from any tender age are victims of a state government bent on obliterating childhood protections and parental authority. This is child abuse, plain and simple.

Our leaders also claim they’re defenders of the poor by boasting, “California provides state funding to ensure abortion services are available to low-income women.” Abortion brings a lifetime of grief to the men and women impacted by it. Are we supposed to feel heroic for bringing additional grief to mothers in crisis and ending the lives of their impoverished children while allowing powerful organizations to profit off their deaths? Heroes are not hypocrites. They defend the weak and never reward oppressors under any circumstances.

As a woman who was unable to conceive and then years later spent months in bed nurturing the miraculous life in my womb -- and later found myself raising him as a struggling single mother -- I’m grief-stricken by this lack of compassion for babies, for the poor and for life.

The Scriptures say God “is not partial to princes, nor does He regard the rich more than the poor; for they are all the work of His hands” (Job 34:19). Yes, even babies being formed by God in the wombs of poor women have the inalienable right to life. They are not unwanted, even if the mothers carrying them are unable to raise them. Thousands of couples devastated by empty wombs have room in their arms and hearts for babies otherwise known as “unwanted.”

Newsom boasted in his catastrophic proclamation that California’s protection of ‘reproductive freedom’ is a ‘model’ to be emulated by other states. The ‘freedom’ he trumpets hides a nasty truth: teachers and taxpayers who value our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are forced to abort the rights of spouses, moms and dads, and fund the murder of millions of innocent babies. As a third generation native Californian, veteran public-school teacher and mother, I’m appalled.


The heart of our once glorious state is in crisis. Believing carefully crafted deceptions, we’ve been fooled into electing officials and paying unions who pridefully and without apology lead the demise of our virtues. Pro-life teachers reject Gov. Newsom’s proclamation and the anti-life agenda of unions who misrepresent us.

We pro-life teachers may not have millions to line the pockets of unscrupulous leaders but we have the power to stop funding those who do. And we must, to save the “Golden State,” and the very lives of America’s most valued and vulnerable resource -- our children.