Rand Paul attacked by mainstream media: liberals are running scared

Liberals are worried…. (and they should be). You can smell it in the air, the conservative wave is around the corner.

The liberal media and the Democratic National Committee are up in arms against several of the GOP's top candidates.

Monday, a Washington Post hatchet piece attacked the leading Liberty Conservative in politics: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.


To my conservative friends, who believe every bad story written, even about their own allies, please think twice and proceed with caution.

Most of us know that the appearance of conservative hit pieces escalates as the left perceives the threat level. It appears, the threat level is flashing big and red.

Conservatives like Rand Paul are serious. They are getting the message across, that conservative and libertarian ideas are a threat to the Big Government left.

For example, on Syria, Rand Paul’s libertarian beliefs may have saved the U.S. from joining sides with ISIS!

Everyone else from President Obama, to Hillary Clinton, to John McCain, wanted to go to war against the Assad regime last year, fighting on the side of the Free Syrian Army, many of whom would later become fighters for ISIS.

In fact, the entire D.C. foreign policy establishment wanted to help ISIS just one year ago. By waiting, we avoided arming ISIS even further.

Thankfully, Senator Paul correctly noted that the real threats were the Al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in Syria (ISIS), and warned, we should do nothing that would help them.

Fast forward to now, and the entire foreign policy establishment has switched teams saying we must destroy ISIS.

The establishment is late to the game, but thankfully, they have at least arrived.

I will leave you where I began -- whenever one of our conservative friends is attacked this hard in the mainstream media, first consider the source.

Then, realize that the attacks are out of fear. Fear of being shown the door. First in the November midterm elections where the Democrats will likely lose the majority in the Senate and the very important committee chairs. And then again in 2016.

I, for one, welcome conservative, libertarian and free market principles to once again run this great country of ours.

God Bless America.