The 2012 campaign is now a battle between two people with millions of things in common – dollars. For a time, the left was content to demonize Mitt Romney for his wealth while ignoring Obama’s millions. The media played along, even though Romney’s wealth is about one-fifth what Democratic Sen. John Kerry had in the bank in 2004.

Class warfare wasn’t enough to ensure Obama victory, so the left has chosen classless warfare instead. Take a look at the gang of provocateurs gathering for the Democratic convention in Charlotte. Their campaign and the media coverage resemble more of a public stoning than a political debate – from anti-religious hate to race baiting. They’ve even made tons of jokes about Romney supporter Gov. Chris Christie’s weight.

First, the left’s assault on Romney’s faith dominated the news. The Washington Post used a June 18, 2011, editorial to attack Mormons under the premise it was defending them. “There’s plenty about Mormonism that might strike a non-believer as strange or objectionable,” the paper wrote. Remind me never to hire the Post as my defense attorney. The anti-Mormon broadsides even included New York Times columnist Charles Blow’s Twitter comment that told Romney to “stick that in your magic underwear!”

But demonizing faith wasn’t disgusting enough for the left and the media. They had to go lower. In two commercials, the “progressive policy group Agenda Project Action Fund” depicted GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan throwing a “Granny” in a wheelchair off a cliff. Classic. That’s all part of the left’s persistent fraud that the GOP wants to end Medicare. PolitiFact.com said that idea was the “Lie of the Year” for 2011.

Even that wasn’t enough. In 2012 America, there’s still one PC crime worse than murdering a little old lady – bigotry. But only conservative bigotry. The left can bash every “Talibornagain” Christian or “right wing racist” because the media never depict liberals as bigots.

Racism is a first class way for the left and their media co-conspirators to target conservatives even in “post-racial” Obamanation.


It isn’t new that liberals take pot shots at conservatives on race. They do it all the time. Remember, both groups treated complaints about Rev. Wright as “racist” even as he was shouting “Goddamn America.” And it was only June when Politico reporter Joe Williams lost his job after claiming Romney was only “relaxed” around “white folks.” Every criticism of an African-American president is inherently racist to the left.

Vice President Joe Biden (D-Gaffeland) did his best attempt to conjure Simon Legree with an awful southern accent and disgusting race baiting by telling a largely black audience that Romney-Ryan are “going to put y’all back in chains.” Even ethically impinged Rep. Charlie Rangel called that “stupid.”

Biden really got things rolling. The left and the media decided to cut class entirely when the GOP convention hit Tampa. Coverage of the convention has been a non-stop hurricane of people shouting “racist.” Unhinged MSNBC host Chris Matthews kicked off racism theme week by accusing Republicans of playing the race card. Heck, if liberals ever have a full deck, it’s filled with race cards.

The Daily Beast/Newsweek had two separate stories that day accusing the GOP of racism. One on Ryan was headlined: “The Great White Hope.” The same day, The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein was writing on “Race and the 2012 election.” Of course The New York Times chimed in with a piece about “Making the Election About Race.” Go to the head of the class if you think the media were openly doing the bidding of a political party in a blatantly organized fashion.

The LA Times followed with “Republican National Convention puts a brown face on a white party.” Rolling Stone bashed Ryan as “a self-righteously anal, thin-lipped, Whitest Kids U Know penny pincher.”

The racial theme pervaded even the side conversations of journalists. Yahoo! News Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian became the ideal metaphor for liberal media bias when he made an on-air joke about how the Romneys aren’t bothered by possible hurricane flooding in New Orleans. “They aren’t concerned at all,” Chalian said. “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.”

Yahoo! fired him, saying, the comment was “inappropriate and does not represent the views of Yahoo!” It does, however, represent the views of the media who lined up to defend Chalian.

PBS liberal Gwenn Ifill called him “God's gift to political journalism” in a Twitter post that ended with “#IStandwithDavid.” MSNBC crazies followed that incident by accusing the GOP of racism for mentioning golf and Chicago in comments. And there are still more than two months till we vote.

This election season, the media and the left have accused the GOP of murder, being pro-rape and even treason. Calling Republicans “racist” is as classy as Team Obama gets.