Well I think I called all of yesterday's elections exactly as they turned out. Read my predictions here.

It amazes me that the establishment, in BOTH parties continue to try to spin away the obvious -- voters in both parties want to get rid of the status quo in Washington. This is not about one party and its not just about President Obama -- its about people losing in faith in Washington's ability to do anything other than play petty politics. Every Senate candidate who was supported by the party establishment last night lost or, in Blanche Lincoln's case, was forced into an embarrassing runoff. And it didn't matter which party they were in. If you were in power in Washington -- you were out with the voters.

The only race of consequence that apparently bucked this trend was the House Special election in Pennsylvania's 12th District -- but I don't think we know the answer to this one yet. As I pointed out yesterday, the turnout everywhere in Pennsylvania was much higher in the Democratic primary exactly because of the Specter vs. Sestak Senate fight. I would have been surprised if my party had lost this seat -- given the 2 to 1 registration advantage we hold over the GOP in the district and the added benefit of the higher turnout the Specter/Sestak Senate fight provided on our side of the aisle.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee gets high marks for chalking up another impressive special election victory, but this one isn't over yet and I look for a spirited fight in Pennsylvania's 12th District in November. If the GOP takes this seat then, it could mean my party would be on our way to losing our majority in the House. For that reason alone keep your eye on this race early on election night in November.

Joe Trippi is a Fox News contributor and political strategist who worked for Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale and Gary Hart and turned Howard Dean into an unlikely front runner in 2004. For more visit JoeTrippi.com.

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