Obama's a Genius -- Just Like Those Villains In the Bond Movies.''''

By Glenn BeckHost, "Glenn Beck"

Hello America,

As some of you may remember, I was less than a fanof Barack Obama during the primaries and general election. If I don't make it onto his Christmas card list, I guess I'll have to learn how to live with that. However, after he was elected fair and square under the system that I hold sacred, I accepted the fact that he was indeed mypresident. And when listeners and viewers contacted me and said, "No way"...they didn't vote for him ...he wasn't theirpresident, I was put in the surreal position of defendingBarack Obama. (It's not exactly like I voted for the guy either.) I said to them then what I say to you now--Barack Obama is ourpresident, and that's a fact that you have to live with if you truly believe in the Constitution and the America that grew from it. But here's the thing: Yeah, he's got the job and he's setting the agenda. But everybody's got a boss, and when it comes to the guy in the Oval Office...that boss is you and me. "We the people" get to give him a "performance review" each and every day, and in 4 years we might just get to fire him. But that's then and this is now.

Say what you will--this guy's either a moron or a genius. After watching him bob and weave through the longest campaign season in our nation's history, it's clear that this guy knows all the right moves when it comes to imaging a message (or lack thereof). He might be new, but he's obviously no dummy. So I guess that rules out "moron"-- leaving us with "genius." But not a Reagan-style genius in tune with the hearts and mind of a nation. No, I'm thinking Obama's more of a Bond villain-type genius.

If you have them looking at the right hand, the leggy assistant, the smoke and mirrors and the flashing lights--they might just forget you even havea left hand. In the end, your senses are overloaded and you barely know what you saw or didn't see. That's Vegas...that's David Copperfield...that's entertainment. But when you apply the same tactics to Washington and running the country...that's terrifying.

Look at what President Obama has done in just a few weeks: He's started to close the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, dropped the charges against the guy who bombed the USS Cole, just about moved the Census into the White House, and hooked us up with the #2 attorney general who stood up for child pornographers. Then...there's TARP 2.0 and all the other clowns in Washington with scandals like Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, Charlie Rangel and Chris Dodd. All that's missing is waving a magic wand and making the Constitution disappear (and it looks like that could be coming)!

Here's what's happening--by giving us so many things to "look" at, we can't be focused on any one long enough to see the big picture. Don't you feel overwhelmed? Of course you do--so do I, and I pay a bunch of people to help me keep track of it all. The president wants us to feel overwhelmed--it's intentional, and it's working. But I say, not any more.

While Obama tries to distract, divide and conquer, now is the time for us to unite and fight back. If our history has proven one thing, it's that the voice of the American people cannot and will not be silenced. I know you're just trying to hold on to your home, your job and your family. These are tough times. Obama knows that. Everyone says call your Representative, and you do, and then they say call again. It gets tiring and frustrating --busy signals and talking to assistants and "the process." Obama knows that too. You can't let him tire you out or take your eye off his left hand!

Take this giant spending bill: do you really think that Obama went to Nancy Pelosi and her progressive pals and told them to come up with the best bill possible? Then Nancy just loaded it up with every piece of pork they could come up with, all on her own accord? Obama just thought he could get away with overseas abortions, fluorescent light bulbs and polar bear habitats? Like we wouldn't notice? Or...did he know it would distract all of us from what this bill is really about: the foundation of universal health care, the end of much of bipartisan welfare reform, and much more. What else is tucked in there? If we get hypnotized by the flashing lights or distracted by the dove in that right hand, we'll never know all that the left hand is doing. That's a trick we can't afford to fall for--not now, not ever.

I've looked up the sleeve and the left hand is working full-time to push forward a socialist agenda. It isn't an illusion, it's really happening. Remember, this is all in just the first few weeks. The things that conservatives were being ridiculed for 4 months ago, are on the cover of Newsweek today. And here's the thing about magic tricks--once you know how they're done, they're not that fun to watch anymore. Sometimes you even feel stupid for not noticing what was happening right before your very eyes. Well, now we see what President Obama has under that top hat, and it's no rabbit. Show's over folks. Better you found out now before you ended up getting sawed in half.