ObamaCare glitches perfectly reflect president's arrogance and incompetence

This just in: Team Obama has changed its rallying cry of “Yes We Can” to “No We Can’t.”

Can’t do anything right, that is.

The second term is only 10 months old, but it feels like a decade of failure. It’s been all downhill since the inauguration, and the rollout of ObamaCare suggests things will get worse before they get better. Much worse.

Even Obama’s skill — making speeches before adoring crowds — is a punch line, thanks to Monday’s dreary infomercial. Jon Stewart, who usually reserves his barbs for Republicans, mocked the president’s performance in ways that had to warm Ted Cruz’s heart. When Dems lose Stewart, they’re in deep doo-doo.


The comedian better have paid his taxes. This White House is not shy about using the IRS to enforce loyalty. And Consumer Reports should look over its shoulder after telling readers to “stay away” from the ObamaCare site until it is fixed.

The computer problems are just the start. The law is a variation on a Ponzi scheme in that it relies on young, healthy new customers to provide insurance companies with the money to pay for treating older, sicker ones.

Because of sweeping dictates on coverage, many potential buyers will face sticker shock. Some will choose to pay a fine instead, further pushing up the cost for those who enroll.

For others, including people in private plans, the law’s impact on premiums, deductibles and co-pays will drive up, not down, the cost of care.

Then there is the cost for the bureaucratic army needed to take over one-sixth of the economy. The expensive tech “surge” Obama promises will add to the estimated $400 million spent on the computer system alone.

All that explains why ObamaCare is his “signature” achievement. It perfectly reflects his arrogance and incompetence.

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