Obama Fails to Make the Sale

By Andrea TantarosRepublican Political Commentator/FOXNews.com Contributor

Though "words matter" to President Obama, details don't.

Last night Obama delivered a live press conference that came after a week of bizarre behavior, ranging from inappropriate jokes on "The Tonight Show" and delayed outrage over executive bonuses. America is eagerly waiting for President Obama to make his case, but once again, there were no answers.

After Wednesday night's prime time press conference , one thing is clear: Obama has his Bachelors, Masters and doctorate in persistent ambiguity. He dodged questions from the press on how exactly he'll cut the deficit by increasing spending. He ducked the issue of whether his policies will result in massive inflation. And he danced around the fact that his budget will double the national debt in 5 years and triple it in ten years.

Answers weren't the only thing missing last night -- so were tough questions from the press. There wasn't much questions about the A.I.G bonuses, there were no questions about the latest efforts by Congress to raise taxes and yes, sad to say, Jay Leno grilled him harder than the White House press corps.

Mostdisappointing was the failure of the press to seriously question Obama on Geither's latest plan to thaw credit markets. Will it work? Hard to tell in the absence of tough questions.

Mostnotablewas his verbal word orgy when it came to "investments." We all know that is liberal-speak for spending. In fact, I use the term investment every time I try to justify a shoe purchase at Bloomingdale's. Note: the last person to overuse the term "investment" was Bernie Madoff.

Tuesday's press conference left the public unconvinced. And that, Mr. President, is no laughing matter.