Obama Bashers Play Trivial Pursuit

By Alan ColmesHost, "The Alan Colmes Show, "FOX News Radio/FOX News Television/"Liberaland" Blog

My inauspicious FOX Nation debut, "Leave My President Alone", was met with remarkable accolades:

Glenda: I have always liked you Alan, but until you put away your idealogy and your partys talking points, nothing you have to say impresses me. I consider myself to be a moderate independent and frankly your president is scarying me.

Glenda, your spelling is scarying ME.

Dian: If he's your president, please take him and find another place to destroy. Please leave the United States of America alone!

We've been destroyed after two months of the Obama presidency? Funny, I missed that one.

Boerseun: Poor old Alan is the same light-weight he was when Hannity carried him

For the record Hannity never carried me, although he did once give me a ride to Penn Station; but thanks for the personal attack.

There is such contempt among Bama Bashers that they often have to go looking for something about which to bash him. It's fair to disagree with his policies (although the Republic Party hasn't offered any new ones lately), but his opponents are spending more time on trivia than on substantial arguments against what the president is doing. Rather than discuss the substance of his talks with foreign leaders during the G-20 trip, for example, the right wing is hung up on one sentence during a town hall meeting in Strasbourg, France, often disregarding the words that succeeded it.

"There have been times where America has shown arrogance and has been dismissive, even derisive," the president said.

First, was he wrong? Those who will begrudgingly acknowledge the accuracy of that statement, will shout, "But he said it on foreign soil!" As if that is really what has them upset. As though they'd give him a pass if he said it on the sod at Yankee Stadium.

Ignored is that the statement above sets up the opportunity to give the most important part of the message, delivered in the following sentence:

"But in Europe, there has been an anti-Americanism that at once can be casual but also insidious."

Forget that the president is forging new friendships, better alliances, and repairing damage done to our international reputation during 8 years of an us-versus-them mentality (Remember, "You're with us or against us in the war against terror"?) Forget that Russian president Dmitri Medvedev calls Obama "my new comrade." (Calm down, "comrade" just means "friend"); President Manmohan Singh of India asked for Obama's autograph ("for my daughter"); and French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Obama is "a very open man, very open-minded, entirely in line with what we want - namely that politicians shoulder their responsibilities and face up to them." Pretty good reviews from leaders of countries with whom we must get along in our global community.

And let's not forget what we're asking our allies to do. We're requesting boots on the ground in Afghanistan. We're asking the country whose name we wouldn't once even say out loud to be willing to sacrifice lives in both our interest and in theirs. Hopefully, we've come a long way from the need to call a particular side dish "freedom fries." Perhaps asking other countries to cooperate with us is a good time to offer some give-and-take. Some conservatives are having trouble with the "give" part.

Nits are the eggs of lice. The act of removing nits is detailed, laborious, and trivial. Picking at nits is what the Bama Bashers are doing. It's trivial, and it's laborious, as they're searching for anything they can latch onto in order to diminish him. All they can obsess about is the acknowledgment that we've been arrogant and dismissive in the past. And with that, they go on to arrogantly and derisively dismiss countries like France, Germany, and Russia, proving that Obama was correct to begin with.