Obama and Guantanamo: Time to 'git' a clue, Mr. President

The world is at Hell’s doorstep. In response, Barack Obama is working overtime . . . to close Gitmo and bring more terrorists to American prisons.

Even as federal authorities warn of plots to attack the homeland, he wants to bring their jihad buddies here. If the president cares about public safety, this makes zero sense.

Then again, he rarely makes any sense.

The president of the United States has checked out, retired in place, given up. But he’s taking time from his busy fund-raising schedule to focus on his legacy. Maybe his favorite “working mother,” Goopy Gwyneth Paltrow, gave him the idea.


He promised back in 2007 to close the prison, and aides say he is determined to keep that promise before he leaves office. “Unwavering” is how one described Obama’s mind-set to The Wall Street Journal.

Given the complete shambles of his presidency, it seems strange to focus on something so remote and unpopular. There are only 149 prisoners still there, down from 800, and Congress is united that they should not be brought to American soil. So why risk another fight with a dicey executive order?

That’s exactly the point — those factors are what makes a focus on Gitmo a perfect choice for Obama.

Screw the world crisis and screw the two out of three voters who think it’s a bad idea. His No. 1 concern is No. 1.

Besides, as Valerie Jarrett reminds us, he’s the smartest man in the room, so do as he says.

The coming firestorm over the plan could mark a new low in his tenure, except for all the others. But this one could have quick consequences.

Most Democratic Senate candidates already avoid him like Ebola, and they won’t be able to run fast enough from this plague of selfishness.

Poor babies. Maybe they ought to put country before party. You know, just once, to see what it feels like.

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