Michael Goodwin: Trump's era of disruption has only just begun

Iran warns it will destroy Israel and start World War III if Donald Trump tears up the nuclear deal. China calls him “as ignorant as a child” and threatens to end all cooperation if Trump doesn’t recognize Taiwan as part of China.

Then there are the Hillary Clinton Democrats, who are trying to steal the election they lost. Some fellow Republicans also are breaking with the president-elect over Russian hacking allegations and his selection of oilman Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.

If you blinked, you missed the Trump honeymoon. He hasn’t taken office, yet already, the long knives are out for him.

The conflicts could be Trump’s baptism by fire, except he ran an endless gauntlet of fire during the 18-month campaign. Numerous reports of his demise were not premature, they were flat-out wrong.

I suspect something similar is happening now. The whole world looks to be having a nervous breakdown over his early actions, and many Americans are wondering if the wheels are about to come off the Trump train. Some on the left, including those in the White House, certainly hope so and are doing all they can to delegitimize his victory and undermine democracy. If only they treated America’s enemies so ruthlessly.

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