Michael Goodwin: Trump is putting the US back on top

During a recent dinner, a liberal friend gave me a shock. “I didn’t vote for Trump,” she said, “but I have to admit I like that our country is on top again. I’m proud that we’re the most powerful country and that others respect our power.”

Hear, hear, I’ll drink to that.

It’s premature to declare the death of the foolish idea that America is in permanent decline and must accept a lower rung on the global ladder. But as my friend astutely observed, it is already clear that American Exceptionalism is making a comeback, and you don’t have to support President Trump to appreciate the benefits of his policies.

No rational American can oppose North Korea’s tentative promise to give up its nuclear weapons. Almost as important is the fact that Trump’s threat to withdraw from the Iran deal is leading Europe, especially France, to concede that the deal is flawed and must be toughened.

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