We interrupt our regular dispatches on mendacity, chaos and polarization to bring you this special bulletin: Good news is breaking out across the country! True story.

Despite a push from the American wing of the anti-American movement to get traitor Edward Snowden a pardon, nobody holding important power is buying it. Not the president, not the Congress and neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump.

They all demand that Snowden come in from the Russian cold to face criminal charges under the Espionage Act, making this a rare moment of national political unity. It is a thing of beauty worth celebrating, all the more so because the stakes are so high.

Imagine if it were a partisan wedge issue. Even a crack in the wall would give fuel to an idea that is extremely dangerous to America’s national security.

That was the message sent by the House Intelligence Committee, which unanimously adopted a report saying Snowden “did tremendous damage.” In a bipartisan letter, the panel scoffed at claims Snowden was a hero who acted out of conscience, saying he was a disgruntled employee whose leaks of military programs helped America’s enemies.

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