Michael Goodwin: Cynthia Nixon's selective outrage could kill her career

Cynthia Nixon is new to politics, but she’s already skilled at some of its customs. That’s not a compliment.

Nixon’s Tuesday vow that she would appoint a Moreland Commission to investigate Albany corruption on Day One of her administration was a clever zinger aimed at her primary opponent, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It was a sharp reminder of Cuomo’s disastrous fumble of a similar promise in his first term.

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton (FILE -- Actress Cynthia Nixon announces that she is running for Governor of New York at a campaign stop in Brooklyn.)

After repeatedly vowing to appoint a Moreland Commission, and then pulling back, Cuomo finally went forward in June 2013. He stocked the team with seasoned law enforcement officials and gave it sweeping powers.

When I asked him then whether he was seriously committed to a thorough excavation of the capital rot, the governor responded firmly, “As serious as a heart attack.”

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