Melania, America loves you (stillettos and all). Don't let the hypocrites change your style

The same feminists who decried the unfair double standard for Hillary Clinton when it came to criticism of her appearance and wardrobe choices on the campaign trail have now been self- deputized as the wardrobe police for the female members of the Trump clan.

This week’s cyber-campaign to shame Melania for donning Manolo Blahniks and a stylish bomber jacket to board Air Force One to Texas is hardly a one-off.

Angry and still bitter liberals like Joan Walsh and the crew at Jezebel have been deconstructing Melania and Ivanka’s outfits since day one, proclaiming them “patriarchal”, “ornamental” and a symbol of their “complicity” in the misogynistic Trump administration.

First of all, let’s set the record straight. Melania wore stillettos to board Air Force One. She clearly had in mind a change of outfit (a chic pair of white sneakers and a FLOTUS baseball cap) for when she touched down.

Melania, don’t change for these hypocrites. Real American women love your glamorous, lady-like style.

The liberal fantasy that she made a decision to change her outfit mid-air after hearing about negative tweets is simply ridiculous -- unless you believe some female staffer aboard Air Force One lent her a pair of sparkling while tennis shoes and a FLOTUS cap. Puh-leez!

All of this unfair, over-the-top scrutiny further alienates the crude, pussyhat far-left feminist crowd from the everyday woman they purport to speak for.

Feminism should be about liberating women, all women, even Republican women, to be their true selves.

I respect that Melania’s fashion choices reflect her ultra-feminine personality and that she has not felt compelled to contort herself with “sensible loafers” or androgynous pant suits to meet the political expectations and norms of others. What the liberal media coin as “out of touch” I see as authentic.

To their credit, the Trumps never lied to the American people about their wealth or their extravagant, rich taste.

During the campaign, while Hillary was faking a southern accent and pretending to be “just like us” at Chipotle (until she called half the country racist deplorables), Donald Trump was flying to campaign rallies on a private jet with his name emblazoned on it, bragged about his wealth and business acumen on the stump, and even gave TMZ a tour of his Manhattan penthouse – a place so gold-plated I wondered if Sadaam Huissen was consulted on the decorating.

The Trumps were elected because of or in spite of their wealth – depending on how you feel about the First Family. They never misrepresented themselves. They have always been honest about who they are.

Contrast that with the bleeding-heart social justice warriors Michelle and Barack Obama who shamed executives for their excesses, but whose post presidency is a stark departure from the  philanthropy and humility of ex President Carter and Bush 41 and 43.

The redistributionist community organizer-in-chief has been raking in half million dollar speeches from the very companies he railed against and Michelle, Barack and the girls have been on a string of  vacations, one more luxurious than the next.

The latest, on a yacht and private island in the South Pacific, hobnobbing with celebrities and media moguls, in an opulence that would embarrass “silver foot-in-his-mouth” ex-president George Bush.

So Melania, don’t change for these hypocrites. Real American women love your glamorous, lady-like style.

Be yourself. America loves you. Stillettos and all.