The mainstream media hates President Trump. So do Democrats and establishment Republicans also known as Republicans in Name Only (RINO).

They want to bring down this presidency -- and will do and say anything to overthrow this duly elected leader. Anything.

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Some journalists are seething with so much rage and hatred, I would not put it past them to do whatever they deem is necessary to destroy the Trump presidency - even if it means writing fake news stories and using anonymous sources.

Consider the damning evidence compiled by Newsbusters:

* The Washington Post reported deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein offered to resign in the wake of the firing of FBI director James Comey. Rosenstein flat-out denied the report.

* The Washington Post reported the FBI asked for additional resources for its probe of the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with the Russian government. Again - not true.

And now The New York Times claims they've been read a memorandum written by Comey -- that claims President Trump asked him to end the probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

To be clear, no one has actually seen the memorandum and there's no way to verify its authenticity. Facts be damned, the folks at CNN and MSNBC say. Impeach the man!

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In other words, the truth doesn't matter. It's what you perceive the truth to be that matters.

Sean Hannity, my Fox News Channel colleague, nailed it during his Tuesday night monologue – calling the media unhinged.

“They are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome,” he said. “The truth does not matter to people that call themselves journalists. They are agenda-driven. They are radical, leftwing ideologues who are more than happy to push and advance Democratic talking points and political conspiracies.”

But that's not to say President Trump is a choir boy.

Look, I don't know what's going on in the White House - but it's a mess. And the buck stops with the president.

The White House is infested with those who pledge their allegiance to liberal ideology. Those individuals need to be given the heave-ho.

There's also a significant problem with leaks. The president needs to take immediate action to expose and publicly shame the traitors inside his administration. Leakers must be fired -- even if they happen to be family members.

And don't even get me started on that White House communications office. The daily press briefings have become raging dumpster fires.

The bottom line: President Trump needs to clean house - bigly.

Call it an intervention - a Come to Jesus Moment - I don't care -- but the White House needs to knock off the nonsense and get to work for the American people.

Build that wall!

As for former FBI director James Comey -- if in fact he is the proficient memo taker that people say he is --- I'd like to see the memos he wrote about his private meetings with President Obama and Bill Clinton's wife.