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The biased mainstream media are in overdrive, once again interfering with the rapidly approaching 2022 midterm elections. A veritable onslaught of curiously similar headlines such as "Democrats see the once unthinkable: A narrow path to keeping the House" and "Democrats’ midterm prospects perk up as Biden finally hits his stride" are all designed to change the political narrative and make people think that America under the leadership of President Joe Biden and total Democrat control of Congress isn’t so bad.  

The precipitous slide to socialism requires a robust effort by the left-wing establishment to make every-day Americans comfortable with the alarming "new normal" that’s settling in around us — high crime, open borders, high cost of living, out-of-control spending — and that’s what we’re seeing unfold right before our eyes. So, with less than 70 days to go until Election Day, it’s high time for a reality check.  

On the same day Biden told us that "the economy is looking good," his own Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that "while higher interest rates, slower growth, and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses." This is code for "buckle up, folks." This breathtaking contradiction from the two primary leaders who make our economic decisions should tell you all you need to know. Things are not OK in Biden’s America. 


In the wake of the unprecedented raid of former President Donald Trump’s home that was ordered by Biden’s hand-picked, politicized attorney general on August 8 — along with the insane media frenzy that’s followed — it’s almost easy to forget that we’re in the midst of an economic recession that was first reported on July 28. If you’re a Democrat, you must be feeling pretty blessed to be the beneficiary of such wonderful timing. The White House’s insistence that they knew nothing of the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago — with yet another assist from the mainstream media for their lack of skepticism — simply doesn’t pass the smell test.  

Gas prices near $5 a gallon

A gas station attendant fills up a customer's tank (Megan Myers/Fox News Digital) (Fox News)

The liberal media also want the rest of us to feel better about gas prices "dropping" to $3.85 per gallon on average even though it cost just $2.39 for a gallon of gas when Trump left office just 19 months ago. They’re also working to obscure America’s $30 trillion national debt, the Dow Jones being down more than 3,000 points over the past year, and the fact that Biden and the Democrats have wasted $3.8 trillion on big government programming like the ridiculously branded Inflation Reduction Act, just to have inflation remain at nearly a 40-year high. Government planners are undoubtedly colluding with their allies in the corporate media as we speak about how to spin the next Consumer Price Index report that’s coming down the pike on September 13.  

When Trump supporters criticize Biden — legitimately — for all of the above, he smears 74 million of us as "semi-fascists." Most unfortunately, America has become a far-more divided place under Biden because of rhetoric just like this. When you consider that unifying the country was one of Biden’s central campaign pledges, the mainstream media have completely dropped the ball for not aggressively calling the president out on this stunning broken promise. This stark "about face" in tone amounts to an enormous missed opportunity that could have been the most important part of this president’s legacy. Instead, Biden’s decision to "go low" is hurting the health of the union at the worst possible time. Democrats must pay a heavy price at the ballot box for spinning the lie that they were the adults in the room who would lower the temperature.  

But Biden and the Democrats are on the hook for far more than that. They must be removed from power for the defund police movement that brought us violent crime in our streets, the subsequent police shortages, and their cashless bail disaster. Democrats must also be held accountable for the open-border policy they’re carrying out and everything that’s come along with it. We must never overlook the record number of illegal border crossings, the deadly fentanyl that’s killing our kids, or the unacceptable human trafficking that’s occurring on Biden’s watch. But it doesn’t end there. Republicans and independents must also turn out in record numbers to vote against school closings, attacks on parents, putting teacher unions before children, and critical race theory.  


While we’re working overtime reading all the misleading headlines, there are some important facts to keep in mind. The final average generic congressional ballot going into the 2020 election for U.S. House showed a +7 Democrat advantage. However, on Election Day House Republicans picked up 14 seats. This year, generic ballot polling currently has the GOP with a one-point advantage. So, an 8-point swing in the generic congressional ballot test could translate into a disaster for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s radical House Democrats. 


At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that the highly misleading "declining GOP prospects" narrative currently being spun is greatly exaggerated. However, the corrupt mainstream media are going to do their part to boost the Democrats with hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate in-kind contributions to help defeat Republicans between now and November. And that, folks, is election interference by the biased liberal media.