By Alan ColmesFOX News Channel and FOX News Radio

Barack Obama is so many things. To far-right conservatives during the campaign he became a radical Marxist who was going to make us into a communist country. To far-left liberals we was Bush-lite, a compromiser who wasn't going to end the war fast enough. He even was tagged as a radical Muslim by some of the same detractors who said he went to the wrong Christian church.

He was accused of getting elected solely on his charisma when he drew throngs of admirers to his campaign appearances. Now those same naysayers claim, after every news conference, that he's too boring and doesn't bring Busby Berkeley dancers with gushing water fountains to his addresses.

To Hillary Clinton fans he was the anti-Clinton who stole away her future and could never be forgiven for keeping her down in the Senate. Then, while assembling his administration and making Clinton Secretary of State he was criticized for creating a Lincoln-esque "team of rivals" He was raked over the coals for "talking down the economy" by the same negativists who now talk down his economic policies and say they'll never work -- even before they've had a chance to gestate. And when he said the markets were beginning to move in a positive direction, those same critics claimed he was too optimistic and shouldn't get carried away.

I have a great idea. Leave the guy alone. Yes, LEAVE OBAMA ALONE. I'm not suggesting we shouldn't hold our government officials accountable, but how about giving the new chief time to find out where the men's room is in the White House? I know what you might be thinking if you're not a Democrat: "You liberals hated Bush from day one and never gave him a chance." Not true. We gave him time to screw up and he didn't disappoint. But even if what you're is saying is true, don't let our bad behavior be a blueprint for your own. Besides, aren't you the ones who said "Give Bush a chance"? When September 11 happened on Bush's watch didn't you defend him by saying he'd only been in office nine months?

Monday, March 30, is just the 70th day of the Obama presidency. He's addressed the economy, health care, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our relationship with Iran. In fact, he's even been accused of doing too much too soon --as if he wouldn't have faced criticism for doing too little had he not taken the steps he's taken. One of the reasons he's had to be pro-active is because he inherited a mess. And climbing out of a ditch takes longer than it did to get in it because to climb out you're going against gravity.

Leave Obama alone. Stop it. Stop it now. We're not headed toward communism. We're not becoming a socialist nation. (We already became one under Bush). The middle class is not disappearing. (That, too happened during the last 8 years and the stimulus will hopefully bring that back.) Leave him alone. The next election will be here soon enough. Leave him alone. Go about your business. And have a nice day.

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