I saw it coming. No, I’m not talking about Courtney winning on the "Bachelor" Monday night. Instead, I’m talking about President Obama kicking off his week-long outreach of events to court American women.

We’ve seen this before. The president just like that boy in high school that treats his girlfriend like dirt over and over again but has this incredible knack of turning on the charm just when she’s ready to dump him.

Finally, reality has set in for women voters, and they are ticked. The economy stinks, gas is almost $4 per gallon, unemployment remains extremely high, our nation has $15 trillion in debt, offensive ObamaCare mandates are rolling out weekly and, in response, Obama’s answer has been to avoid eye contact and blame others. And please don’t insult us with the proverbial box of dime store chocolate, otherwise known as “free” birth control.

Face it ladies, he doesn’t deserve you, and it’s time to break up!

Unfortunately, word got around Washington High, and he’s back with empty promises to “change.”

According to the Pittsburgh Post, President Obama started off his crusade on Monday by sending out mailings to one million women in more than a dozen key battleground states. He even went so far as to draft three separate versions to appeal to mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, and everyone in between.

Then, on Wednesday, an effort called “Nurses for Obama” is uniting all female medical professionals who advocate for Obama’s federalized health care mandate.

In addition, the president has designated this week, “Women’s Week of Action,” where campaign headquarters will organize phone banks, campus activities, house parties, and media events to rally support.

Don’t be fooled by his seemingly sweet gestures. The president’s initiative to make you swoon is a disingenuous strategy to rewrite the history of the past four years.

President Obama knows that he owes his first election to women. The Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University revealed that 56 percent of women voted for Sen. Obama, while only 43 percent voted for Sen. McCain.

Additionally, PEW Research reports that African-American, Hispanic, and Asian women accounted for an unprecedented share of President Obama’s votes in 2008.

But since he’s been in office, women have been jumping ship. A rule of thumb, Mr. President, when it comes to gas prices and the economy, one should go up, and one should go down. -- You got the two confused.

And here's a message for American women. Sure, I know you may have voted for Obama because he is charming, smart, and alluring, but he isn’t right for you anymore.

Breaking up isn’t easy, but it’s time to face the facts.

First, regardless of President Obama’s call to Sandra Fluke, he doesn’t respect women. If he did, then we would see him publically condemning comedian Bill Maher’s hate speech against well-respected women like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Instead, the president turned a blind eye towards Maher’s objectification and degradation of these women and accepted a one-million dollar contribution from Maher. Even after women, Concerned Women for America mind you, called out the president’s double standard, he refused to disassociate himself from Maher.

What’s worse is that Hot Air reports the president and his campaign team have launched a new ad that refers to Sarah Palin’s traditional beliefs as dangerous, saying they must be stopped. I wouldn’t call that gentlemanly, would you?

Second, Obama lied to you.

Remember when he told you he would reduce the federal deficit? He didn’t. Instead, he inflated the national debt by six trillion dollars in order to expand entitlement programs.

In fact, President Obama has spent more money than all 43 past presidents combined. Then he promised to pay your gas bill, or at least make it go down. And what happened? Less than six months after he took office, the average price of gas spiked to a record-breaking $4 a gallon across the nation. Today, gas prices have reached above $4.23 in some areas of the country. And when the opportunity came to help you with your gas tank woes,

The president was too busy listening to Darryl Hannah protest in the streets to act in the best interests of the American people and support the Keystone Pipeline. Instead, he wants to dangle it over our heads as something to be handled after the election.

Then he goes and cheats on you. His mind is not on you.

President Obama told you that he wasn’t attracted to “Wall Street,” “millionaires and billionaires,” “hedge fund managers,” and “yacht owners.” Yet, the entire time he was whispering those sweet nothings into your ear, he was in bed with billionaires who contributed to his campaign. FactCheck.org revealed that wealthy individuals, working for big oil companies no less, were among his largest donors in 2008. These “big oil” men from companies including BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell, and ConocoPhillips contributed a whopping $66,000 to the 2008 Obama fund, and we’re told that’s a very conservative number.

Maybe Obama, like the immature guy in high school, too afraid of confrontation to break up with you, agitates you so much that you will be the one to ditch him.

The charming façade of our so-called “Feminist-in-Chief” has disintegrated.

Go ahead. Break up with President Obama before it’s too late.

Penny Young Nance is president and CEO of Concerned Women for America