Immigrant: I don't understand why some Americans hate America

My column about the Millikin University football player who stood alone to honor the National Anthem struck a chord with our readers.

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I was especially moved by a letter I received from a legal immigrant from India. He asks a very important question in his letter:

"I have not known any other country where some of the people desecrate their flag, disavow their national anthem or tear down their own country," he wrote.

Read and ponder his words -- and be glad that this Indian-American patriot is now one of our fellow countrymen.

Dear Mr. Starnes,

I am a first generation Naturalized American who was born in India. I am neither white (without white privilege), nor black or Hispanic (not a victim either), I am just a person who came to a land of opportunity with a dream. I have traveled some in this world and to the best of my knowledge I have not known of any other country where some of the people desecrate their flag, disavow their National Anthem or tear down their own country. If I am wrong please straighten me out. BUT if I am right, then please address how do we expect any other country to respect ours when we (under the "excuse" of freedom of speech) do not respect it ourselves.

When I became a US citizen, I took an oath denouncing my allegiance to my old country and even agreed to take up arms against my former country if asked to by the USA. Please check the verbiage of the oath these days but do oaths mean nothing anymore?

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