I'm not a make-believe conservative

I don’t play a make-believe conservative on the radio or on television. I happen to be a red-blooded conservative in real life.

I’m proud to call myself a gun-toting, Bible-clinging, Constitution-loving, Flag-waving American.

I am a devout follower of our Lord and the United States Constitution.

I believe we are one nation under God – our founding documents flavored by Judeo-Christian precepts.

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I believe in extremely limited government. I support a flat tax. I believe we should return control of our public schools to local communities.

I believe in the Second Amendment.

I believe we should defend American sovereignty – and secure our borders.

I believe we are at war with radical Islam.

I believe in religious liberty and will gladly fellowship with any religion that doesn’t want to blow me up.

I believe in the sons and daughters of liberty – defending our nation in the greatest military on the planet.

I believe in putting American workers first, not foreigners.

Now you may not agree with everything I have to say – but that’s okay. Because I also believe in the First Amendment – and your right to say what’s on your mind — even if you happen to be one of those hippy-dippy, pot-smoking liberal loons.

I believe in America – the most exceptional national nation in history.

All that to say – I’m a conservative — and you have a friend at the Fox News Corner of the World.