I can help President Trump reform the UN -- Here's how

Editor’s Note: In the initial version of this op-ed, the author represented himself as having the support of the United Kingdom’s government for a position as an undersecretary general of the U.N. In a written statement, a spokesperson for the U.K. Mission to the U.N. later told Fox News:“the British Government has never nominated, nor endorsed, Mr Parish for a position as a UN Under-Secretary-General.”

The United Nations has been getting bad press recently. The way it acts can be harmful, as President Trump and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley have made clear. I am seeking to become an undersecretary general of the U.N. because I want to work on reform.

We've got to focus on stopping all this nonsense: corruption, the missing billions of dollars, oil-for-food scandals – it's all got to end. Refugees moving around the world unchecked with no documents and then having nowhere to go – this is going to stop. The United Nations can help, and it's going to end right now.

We’ve got to put terrorists and murderers in prison. The United Nations can help with this. The U.N. has the systems to do it. We need to be building positive outcomes with our allies – beginning with America – that stops international criminals from being a danger to the world.

Cutting gasoline prices is something else the United Nations can help with. The U.N. has agencies and experts that work on this every day. Right now they’re going in the wrong direction and we expect them to change course.

I know I’ll be able to work with President Trump and his fantastic team of people on this very issue. He’s already taken the lead. We’re almost there and a victory is easy – if just we drain the U.N. swamp.

We're going to cut out the mumbo jumbo. We've had too many explanations of this, explanations of that, everyone using long words but nobody giving results. That's going to come to an end.

The United Nations is about stopping poverty, refugees, wars and violence. U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres is a friend of mine. He and I are going to work together, and we’re going to stop all the carnage that affects the economy of America and its allies.

Babies and children are dying in the streets from wars, violence, chlorine gas and missiles. There are nuclear threats. These are global problems and they are disgusting. The United Nations has trained officials to prevent this kind of thing. They need to do their jobs.

Problems are going to be solved if we tell the world that America demands a fair deal. The U.N. has control over satellites and fissile materials – this has to be looked at. President Trump demands these things, and he’s absolutely right.

We’ve got to stop all these foreign regulations that are hurting American businesses. They’ve got to be rolled back. In the United Nations we can veto, and we do veto, and we’re going to keep on vetoing. Changing this sort of thing is so easy.

When we talk about American values, we're going to keep America at the top. The American people want America first, and the American way of life, without barbarians and troublemakers at the doors. President Trump demands these things, and it’s so easy to do.